Announcement pursuant to § 7(4) of the Austrian Disclosure Regulation 2002

The current share buyback programme of CROSS Industries AG was terminated prematurely on 29 July 2015. In the period between 13 March 2014 and 29 July 2015 CROSS Industries AG repurchased a total of 71,038 of its own shares. As of 29 July 2015, CROSS Industries AG holds 71,038 own shares, representing approximately 0.03% of the company’s share capital.


Number of repurchased shares (13.03.2014 – 29.07.2015): 71,038

Highest price paid per share in EUR: 1.8600

Lowest price paid per share in EUR: 1.5510

Weighted average price of shares repurchased in EUR: 1.6582

Value of the repurchased shares in EUR: 117,796.80

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Investor Relations
Mag. Michaela Friepeß
Tel.: +43 7242 – 69402

Valorennummer (Schweiz) 41860974
Ticker symbol: PMAG
Symbol Bloomberg: PMAG SE, PMAG GY
Symbol Reuters: PMAG.S