• shares trading in the prime market segment as of 22 June 2015
  • private placement to increase the freefloat structured
  • intended repurchase of bonds (ISIN AT0000500913)

Shares trading in the prime market segment as of 22 June 2015

The shares of CROSS Industries AG will be traded in the prime market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange as of 22 June 2015 (ISIN AT0000820659). In June 2015, the core shareholder Pierer Industrie AG will place more than 20% of the company’s share capital to free float shareholders in the course of a “private placement” which is not subject to the approval and publication of a prospectus.

Intended repurchase of bonds (ISIN AT0000500913)

CROSS Industries AG intends to restructure its financing. In this context, the company intends to prematurely repurchase the EUR 60,000,000 subordinated 6.875% bonds, which bear a fixed respectively variable interest rate and do not have a fixed term, (ISIN AT0000500913) and to publish a respective tender offer. The details of a potential tender offer will be published after the respective corporate decisions have been taken.

Legal Notice

This announcement neither constitutes an offer to sell securities nor an invitation to submit an offer to buy securities of CROSS Industries AG.

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Investor Relations
Mag. Michaela Friepeß
Tel.: +43 7242 – 69402
Email: ir@pierermobility.com
Website: www.pierermobility.com

Valorennummer (Schweiz) 41860974
Ticker symbol: PMAG
Symbol Bloomberg: PMAG SE, PMAG GY
Symbol Reuters: PMAG.S