CROSS Industries AG:

  • registration of the merger between CROSS Industries AG and BF HOLDING AG with the company register
  • change of the legal name to CROSS Industries AG

By reference to the ad-hoc announcement dated 28 May 2015, CROSS Industries AG (previously BF HOLDING AG) informs, that with effect as of 2 June 2015 the merger has been registered with the company register. Therefore, the merger is concluded.

The company’s new name is CROSS Industries AG. The share capital of the company has been increased from EUR 15,386,742 by EUR 210,000,000 to EUR 225,386,742 by issuance of 210,000,000 new shares.

The company’s board of directors now consists of the members Stefan Pierer, Friedrich Roithner, Alfred Hörtenhuber and Wolfgang Plasser.

The company’s shares continue to be listed on the Official Market (Amtlicher Handel), mid market segment – continuous trading, of the Vienna Stock Exchange under ISIN AT0000820659. Information about the company are not any more available from the homepage but from the company’s new homepage

Legal Notice

This announcement neither constitutes an offer to sell securities nor an invitation to submit an offer to buy securities of CROSS Industries AG.

For more information:

Investor Relations
Mag. Michaela Friepeß
Tel.: +43 7242 – 69402

Valorennummer (Schweiz) 41860974
Ticker symbol: PMAG
Symbol Bloomberg: PMAG SE, PMAG GY
Symbol Reuters: PMAG.S