The PIERER Mobility Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of “powered two-wheelers” (PTW). With its motorcycle brands KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS, it is one of the European technology and market leaders, especially for premium motorcycles. In addition to vehicles with combustion engines, the product portfolio also includes emission-free two-wheelers with electric drives (particularly e-motorcycles and e-bicycles). As a pioneer in electromobility for two-wheelers, the group and its strategic partner Bajaj have the prerequisites to assume a leading global role in the low-voltage range (48 volts).

Entering into the e-bicycle segment with PIERER E-Bikes GmbH was another important step in intensifying activities in the field of bicycle electromobility. Bicycles are being driven forward under the brands Husqvarna E-Bicycles, R Raymon, GASGAS E-Bicycles and FELT Bicycles in order to participate in the attractive market growth in this segment and to become a major international player in this field.

The PIERER Mobility Group focus on its core segments is primarily on the following growth strategies:

  • Organic growth in global markets with the existing two-wheel brands KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and R Raymon.
  • Growth by acquisition of new brands (consolidation).
  • Development of sales regarding the e-bicycle division in Europe, North America and Australia via an existing dealer network (~ 5,500 authorized motorcycle and bicycle dealers globally).
  • Increase of the (e-)bicycle manufacturing capacity within the EU with MAXCOM in Bulgaria, one of the largest bicycle manufactures in Eastern Europe. The target is to bring component manufacturing back to Europe by enhancing supply chain channels and improving availability.
  • Electric platform strategy with Bajaj, the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in India, and CFMOTO in China for electric products in the two-wheel sector (48 volts, 4-11 kW capacity).
  • Research and development in alternative drive technologies for powered two-wheelers, for example, synthetic fuels (e-fuels).
  • Strategic cooperation with VARTA, the leading European manufacturer of Li-ion battery cells, on the field of high-performance battery cells (21700 cell “V4Drive”).