The PIERER Mobility Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of “powered two-wheelers” (PTW). With its motorcycle brands KTM, HUSQVARNA Motorcycles and GASGAS, it is one of the European technology and market leaders, especially for premium motorcycles. In addition to powered two-wheelers equipped with combustion engines or innovative electric drives, the product portfolio also includes e-bikes. As a pioneer in electromobility for two-wheelers in the low-voltage range (48 volts) the group and its strategic partner Bajaj have the prerequisites to assume a leading global role. Entering into the e-bike business was another important step in intensifying activities in the field of two-wheeled electromobility. Electric bicycles are being driven forward under the brands HUSQVARNA E-Bicycles, R Raymon and GASGAS E-Bicycles in order to participate in the attractive market growth of the e-bicycle segment and to become a major international player. Thanks to our innovative strength, we see ourselves as the technology leader in the two-wheeler sector in Europe.

The PIERER Mobility Group focuses in its core segments primarily on the following growth strategies:

  • Organic growth in global markets with the existing two-wheel brands KTM, HUSQVARNA Motorcycles and GASGAS
  • Growth through acquisition of new brands (consolidation)
  • Incorporation of Husqvarna e-bicycle division and expansion of sales throughout Europe, North America and Australia through existing dealer structure
  • Development of two-wheeled electric vehicles in the power range 4 to 11 kW in strategic cooperation with Bajaj, India’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer