Fair business practice 

Our key sustainability topics and current measures

Business compliance (combating corruption, data protection)

We consider lawfulness, honesty, ethics, reliability, respect and trust to be the foundation and universal basis of any cooperation and good business relations. Our zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and bribery as well as human rights infringements is reinforced by respective conduct guidelines in our Code of Conduct and further policies (Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Policy, Occupational safety and employee health policy and Declaration on modern slavery and human trafficking). Training measures and a compliance officer help grasp and realize these guidelines.

Our data protection management system ensures the same high-quality standards for data protection and cyber security that we apply to our products. GRI 205-2: Anti-corruption training, GRI 205-3: Compliance, GRI 418-1: Data protection

Whistleblower Hotline

Every employee can report any rule violations or a suspected violation to the competent office for compliance issues by e-mail, phone, post or in a face-to-face conversation. In addition, starting from the 2021 financial year, the PIERER Mobility Group will be implementing an anonymous whistleblower system in stages to allow employees to report rule violations anonymously as of December 2021. The anonymous whistleblower system guarantees the highest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected. When dealing with and investigating suspicious cases, the principle of objective clarification as well as strict confidentiality and secrecy applies. If a suspicious case is confirmed, the PIERER Mobility Group will take appropriate measures depending on the severity and relevance of the rule violation. The whistleblower does not need to fear any sanctions from the PIERER Mobility Group from a report of a suspicious case which is submitted to the best of their knowledge and belief, and absolutely no discrimination against whistleblowers will be tolerated.

Environmental and social standards in the supply chain

Following our approach regarding business compliance issues we also demand our suppliers to comply with the rules and conduct guidelines laid down in our Code of Conduct regarding sustainability, compliance, and human rights. Further general conditions for cooperation with our supply partners are also set out in standardized documents such as purchasing and manufacturing conditions. These include social and environmental criteria for issues such as compliance, quality, manufacturing, product liability and shipping.

GRI 308-2: Negative environmental impacts in the supply chain and actions taken – No business relationships were terminated due to identified negative environmental impacts in the reporting year 2020.

GRI 414-2: Negative social impacts in the supply chain and actions taken – Regular checks of suppliers prior to project approval also ensure that social aspects are taken into account. We were not aware of any negative effects in the reporting year 2020.