Applications have been filed for judicial review of the conversion ratio established in the course of the merger


In the shareholders meetings of BF HOLDING AG, FN 78112 x, (the „Company“) and CROSS Industries AG, FN 261823 i, held on 22 April 2015 it has been resolved to merge CROSS Industries AG as transferring entity into BF HOLDING AG as receiving entity. In the course of the execution of the merger the Company has increased its share capital from EUR 15,386,742 by EUR 210,000,000 to EUR 225,386,742 by issuing 210,000,000 new shares. These new shares have been allocated to Pierer Industrie AG as sole shareholder of the transferring entity.

The merger has been registered with the company register effective as of 2 June 2015. As of the same day the legal name of BF HOLDING AG has been changed to CROSS Industries AG.

The Company announces that shareholders have filed motions pursuant to § 225c Austrian Stock Exchange Act requesting the judicial review of the conversion rate established in the course of the merger.