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Company’s shares

Here you find the prospectus for the listing of the company’s shares in the International Reporting Standard of SIX Swiss Exchange (Listing Prospectus).


The Listing Prospectus has been prepared pursuant to article 27 of the Listing Rules of SIX Swiss Exchange solely for the listing of shares of the company in the International Reporting Standard of SIX Swiss Exchange. The Listing Prospectus is no offer for the sale of shares and no solicitation to submit an offer for the acquisition of shares in the company.

Documents on bonds for investors and takeover offers to existing shareholders

Takeover offer Pankl Racing Systems AG 2018


Takeover Bid for the revocation of the admission to trade the shares of Pankl Racing Systems AG (ISIN AT0000800800)

Offer to the shareholders of Pankl Racing Systems AG

On 3 January 2018 KTM Industries AG has announced its intention to launch a takeover bid for the termination of the trading permission according to section 38 para 6 to 8 Stock Exchange Act 2018 in conjunction with the 5th part of the Austrian Takeover Act to the shareholders of Pankl Racing Systems AG. The offer price amounts to EUR 42.18 per Pankl-share.

In this context, the following downloads are available to interested parties:

Takeover offer 2016


Voluntary public takeover offer

Voluntary public takeover offer to the shareholders of WP AG

On March 29, 2016, KTM Industries AG (formerly: CROSS Industries AG) announced its intention to submit a voluntary public takeover offer pursuant to Sections 4 et seq. Austrian Takeover Act to all shareholders of WP AG as accompanying measure to the delisting of the shares of WP AG from the Regulated Market (Geregelter Freiverkehr) of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The offer price will amount to EUR 18 per share of WP AG (ISIN AT0000A1DDL3).

The following downloads are available for interested parties:

Capital increase by contribution in kind 2021

Exclusion of subscription rights – Report of the Management Board pursuant to section 171 (1) in conjunction with section 153 (4) AktG of September 29 2021

Share buyback programm