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Powered by a distinct READY TO RACE mentality, KTM is Europe’s leading high-performance street and offroad motorcycle manufacturer based in Mattighofen (Austria). Over the years, KTM has built a reputation as a fierce competitor on racetracks around the world. Remarkable success on the world stage is reflected in every product it creates and every move it makes. With an established presence in the offroad segments, KTM has progressed to become one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of street motorcycles, and now aims to be the world’s biggest manufacturer of sport motorcycles. 

Official Website www.ktm.com  

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Husqvarna Motorcycles

Husqvarna Motorcycles is flourishing globally – a revitalized brand with a rich heritage. It is shaped by its unique and distinct origins, where only the purest and smartest solutions could endure the rugged Scandinavian landscape. Leading the way when it comes to forward-thinking innovation, today the European premium manufacturer offers motorcycles that set the benchmark for quality, aesthetics and high performance. 

Official Website www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com 

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GASGAS motorcycles represent an exciting yet approachable entry point into the performance offroad motorcycle world. With a rich and proud heritage in offroad motorcycle racing and trials competition, GASGAS has a distinct, Spanish style and an inviting, down-to-earth character. This attitude is reflected in a robust product line, built to provide riders with the utmost enjoyment without any fuss – to add more fun to their ride. 

Official Website www.gasgas.com  

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MV Agusta

MV Agusta is one of the world’s leading premium motorcycles manufacturers. Based in Varese, in Northern Italy, it crafts legendary racetrack-derived bikes. Iconic design and class-leading performance through advanced technologies and materials make MV Agusta motorcycles admired the world over and celebrated as unique pieces of Motorcycle Art. Since 1945, the brand has evolved to become a point of reference in the industry, having won 37 World Championship titles. A record still undisputed.  PIERER Mobility holds a 50,1% stake in the Italian premium motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta.

Official Website www.mvagusta.com   

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WP develops high-performance motorcycle suspension and components. With its focus on innovation and performance, WP gives riders a dynamic edge to take their riding to their highest personal performance level. Continued investment in new technologies and research also ensures that both racers and ambitious leisure riders maintain an edge over the competition. 

Official Website www.wp-suspension.com 

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Husqvarna E-Bicycles

Conceived to introduce new possibilities and experiences within e-mobility, Husqvarna E-Bicycles has set innovation as its status quo. The brand approaches engineering, design and function of its machines with the motivation to evolve and advance the segment towards becoming future-oriented. 

Official Website www.husqvarna-bicycles.com  

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GASGAS E-Bicycles

Riding on the action-led success and philosophy of GASGAS in the offroad motorcycle racing and trial competition segments, GASGAS E-Bicycles challenge riders and enthusiasts to experience offroad trails like they have never done before – via powerful e-bicycles inspired and engineered to thrill and excite. 

Official Website  www.gasgas.com  

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