Value creation through sustainability

As a reliable employer, fair business partner and technology pioneer, we drive the development of sustainable mobility concepts and produce them in the most environmentally conscious way possible. In this way, we behave fairly and responsibly toward people, the environment and the economy and contribute to the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Reliable employer

Our employees are the fourth pillar of succes alongside globalization, innovation and brands. As one of the largest employers in Upper Austria, we have a special responsibility toward them. Our focus is on supporting decent work, providing education & learning opportunities, promoting potential and ensuring health and safety. Key topics and current measures


Female share


Staff turnover rate at the Austrian companies


Accidents at work (incl. temporary workers)

Sustainable mobility

We secure our role as an innovation company through constant development work. As a primary goal, we focus on the highest quality and security for our customers and drive product and technology development in the area of sustainable mobility concepts such as electrified vehicles, reduction of noise and exhaust emissions. Key topics and current measures


invested in alternative drive technologies


Fleet emissions 1)


unit sales electrified two-wheelers 2)

Environmentally conscious production

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our environmental impact and rely on the safe and efficient use of resources. Our recycling strategy focuses on material cycles and high recycling quotes. Key topics and current measures


Emissions per vehicle sold 3)


Renewable energy 4)


Procurement volume within Europe for series production

Fair business practice

We contribute to sustainable economic growth. We operate in compliance with legal provisions and ethical principles in doing so. We are interested in long-term and trusting business relationships with business partners (especially suppliers) and are strongly anchored in the region. Key topics and current measures


Compliance cases


Data protection complaints


Persons informed about anti-corruption

1) Reduction in energy demand for products (motorcycles and e-bicycles): Ø Emission in g/km;
2) Calculated from the units of motorcycles and e-bicycles sold (number of units).
3) t-C02-e compared to the previous year, based on Scope 1 + 2 emissions “location based”;
4) Electricity and district heating at the main company and production sites of KTM AG, KTM Technologies GmbH, PIERER Mobility AG

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