Value creation through sustainability

As a reliable employer, fair business partner and technology pioneer, we drive the development of sustainable mobility concepts and produce them in the most environmentally conscious way possible. In this way, we behave responsibly toward people, the environment and the economy and contribute to the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What we understand sustainability to mean

Sustainability is an important task for businesses. Helping to consciously shape the present and the future over the long term is vital. This involves one’s own future viability just as much as preserving a world that is worth living in. Every company interacts differently with its environment and has different ways of shaping this interaction. The challenges companies face are therefore also very different.


This is why sustainability needs to be defined and configured individually to be effective, targeted and to make sense – in line with the key interactions a company has within its own operating environment.


We want to be a reliable employer. This is why we offer local people great (further) education and career opportunities and pitch ourselves as a modern, attractive employer for talented new recruits and skilled workers.


We want to manufacture products in an eco-conscious way. This is why we have control over our impacts on the ecosystem and are prepared for changes to the climate and environment.


We want to offer and promote sustainable mobility. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of powered two-wheelers, we offer people reliable, high-quality, technologically advanced mobility solutions for a wide range of applications, and are actively helping to develop the future of mobility.


We want to be a fair business partner. This is why we are really keen to respect people and their rights along our value chain, as well as the principles of fair competition.


We view these interactions between our actions and our surroundings (environment, society, economy) as a management task. We at PIERER Mobility therefore refer to ESG – Environmental Social Governance – when we mean sustainability (management).

This transforms a vague term into something tangible for us and for our stakeholders, with whom we want to be in dialog in order to shape ESG.