Fair business practices

Adherence to the rule of law, honesty, ethical conduct, reliability, respect and trust – we consider these values to be the foundation and the universal basis of all collaboration and good business relationships. We operate in accordance with the statutory provisions and ethical principles and also expect this from our business partners, suppliers, customers and consultants. Our policies and principles are set out in our Code of Conduct and other guidelines.

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People informed about anti-corruption

Key topics and measures

Impact on people and human rights

In all our business decisions and actions, as well as along our supply chain, we make sure that human rights are respected and proper working conditions are in place. We absolutely reject any deliberate use of forced or compulsory labor as well as any form of modern slavery and human trafficking. We therefore only engage in a long-term working relationship based on trust with suppliers and business partners within the supply chain that share this attitude and act accordingly.

We train our employees to boost their expertise in key areas such as compliance, anti-corruption, antitrust and competition law, communication, conflict management and negotiating skills.

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Social rating and environmental rating of suppliers

Negative social impacts (GRI 308-2) and negative environmental impacts (GRI 414-2) in the supply chain: In 2022, the whole supply relationship with one series supplier was terminated because of its failure to disclose the necessary data (minimum requirements of PIERER Mobility AG).

Business & legal compliance

The Code of Conduct is the key document that defines how we operate. This is why it always forms an integral part of any new contracts that are entered into and is a fundamentally non-negotiable minimum standard. We want to systematically reduce potential risks of corruption and strike a balance between economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Employees regularly receive training on the behavioral guidelines using relevant practical examples and must complete the online training every two years. A whistleblower system that has been set up now enables employees of the PIERER Mobility subsidiaries based in Europe to report suspected cases anonymously.

Data protection and cyber security

Cyber attacks are a constant threat and can cause serious damage to companies. This is why we protect all the data at our disposal in accordance with the relevant laws. Cyber security and protecting the data that we process – particularly in the area of research and development, vehicle and customer data and the personal data of our employees and applicants – are at the heart of all the measures we take. We demand the same quality standard in the area of data security as we do for our products.

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Fair and responsible product marketing

Since as far back as 2007, we have voluntarily based all our marketing activities on the ACEM Promotion & Advertising Guidelines and the European Road Safety Principle. The priority is to communicate features that enhance safety. False and/or subjectively misinterpretable advertising statements, aggressive and misleading advertising are prohibited.

Proper and sustainable corporate governance

We ensure proper corporate governance and take account of aspects of sustainability. This allows us to implement ESG and help ensure the future viability of our business model at a time of geopolitical, economic and social change.
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