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As the leading European manufacturer of powered two-wheelers, PIERER Mobility Group offers a broad selection of premium brands, including performance motorcycle brands such as KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and MV Agusta. We continuously develop a comprehensive range of e-bike products through our Husqvarna and GASGAS E-Bicycles brands. We produce high-end components under the WP brand, and manufacture and distribute high-end sports cars via our KTM X-BOW division. 

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Company growth
From the partnership with Bajaj in India and the collaborations with CFMOTO in China, to becoming the market leader in electric two-wheelers.

Through the dedicated work of our more than 6,000 employees worldwide, our company has seen significant growth in recent years. Our strategic partnership with Bajaj in India has enabled us to diversify our production capabilities and increase our competitiveness in the global marketplace. Our cooperation with CFMOTO in China and a joint venture with Maxcom in Bulgaria strengthen our production of bicycles and motorcycles for the long term. 


From our headquarters in Austria, we have expanded the PIERER Mobility presence across almost 6,000 dealerships worldwide, making our group’s brands more accessible than ever. With leading technology in the low-voltage e-mobility sector, we aim to become a global leader in electric two-wheelers in the 250W to 15kW range.  


In the 2022 financial year, PIERER Mobility AG achieved record sales of €2.4 billion and EBIT of €235 million, while employing more than 6,000 people. 


We continue to evolve to meet modern challenges, investing in technology, innovation and e-mobility as part of our natural growth, thus making an ongoing impact on the world of powered two-wheelers. 

Group structure - Simplified presentation by area and brand overview

100% shareholdings: KTM AG, Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH, GASGAS Motorcycles GmbH, CFMOTO Motorcycles Distribution GmbH (with the brand Zeeho), WP Suspension GmbH; PIERER New Mobility GmbH (with the brands Husqvarna and GASGAS E-Bicycles); PIERER Innovation GmbH, Avocodo GmbH; KTM Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH; KTM Informatics GmbH; KTM Racing GmbH; 74% shareholdings: LX media GmbH; 50.1% shareholding: MV Agusta Motor S.p.A.; 50% shareholdings: KISKA GmbH; CERO Design Studio S.L.; Other shareholdings: ACstyria Mobilitätscluster GmbH 12.3%; Platin 1483. GmbH 100%, Pierer E-Commerce GmbH 100%. Zeeho is a CFMOTO brand distributed by CFMOTO Motorcycles Distribution GmbH.

1) In this presentation stands for KTM AG, which, as the owner of the KTM brand, manufactures and/or distributes motorbikes and motorbike accessories under this brand. To be distinguished from this is KTM Fahrrad GmbH, which, as the exclusive licensee, manufactures and/or sells bicycles and bicycle accessories under the KTM brand. KTM AG and KTM Fahrrad GmbH are neither affiliated with each other under corporate law nor intertwined with each other in terms of capital or otherwise. Consequently, PIERER Mobility Group, does not produce or distribute bicycles and bicycle accessories under the KTM brand but under brands such as Husqvarna or GASGAS.

Our recipe for success


Strategic, continuous growth reinforces our position as a global mobility group.




We’re always looking ahead. As a highly innovative company, R&D is a driving force for us – from the racetrack to the street. The result is technology leadership.




“From riders for riders.” All of us are united by passion, enthusiasm and performance. It’s how we succeed together.




We appeal to a wide audience with our strong, global brands. Focused. Differentiated. Consistent. Each with its own distinct brand promise.

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