Professionals of the future

eEducation & digital education in focus

With its in-house Innovation Lab, KTM Motohall is also an industry partner of the eEducation Austria initiative, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. This educational facility for schoolchildren was developed together with the Linz-based art, science and technology center ARS Electronica Solutions. The project concept, called "Motorcycle of the Future," focuses on the didactically sensible use of digital media and on increasing digital and information literacy (digi.komp) in Austrian classrooms.

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Networking to tackle the shortage of skilled workers and support new areas of action

We cooperate on an ongoing basis with universities and technical colleges on topics such as sustainability and the shortage of skilled workers. The aim is to establish an open network to exchange experiences and get to know potential future employees. At the same time, we identify the areas where action is needed and determine how measures can be implemented together. Specific examples of projects include cooperation with universities and colleges at job fairs, research projects, student research papers, assignments to perform technical tasks and the awarding of internships and diploma theses.

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Vocational promotion – positively supporting the labor market

KTM AG is part of the regional advisory board at the Austrian AMS labor market service in Braunau, the public service company for job seekers. The regional advisory board consists of representatives of employees and employers as well as of the AMS. Its aim is to decide on principles of labor market policy and to adopt measures to meet the current needs of the labor market. One key area of focus for us is to implement actions to counter the shortage of skilled workers. With this advisory board role, we as KTM AG or as a group have the opportunity to impact positively on the difficult situation with skilled workers.

Innovation Lab – workshops for children and youngsters

Technology and innovation are always at the forefront of what we do, which is why we want to get the young target audience excited about the technical areas we cover. In our Innovation Lab in the KTM Motohall, children and youngsters can have fun learning the basics of electrical engineering and digital design in workshops. A solid educational concept serves as a basis and acts as a guide for the workshop supervisors. The motto is “Learning by doing”. All the attendees need to bring along is their creativity – they learn the rest by soldering or doodling, for example.

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Learning Café

Supporting children and young people and giving them a good start in life and in the world of work really matters to us. Since the first Caritas Learning Café in Mattighofen started its work, it has been supported financially by KTM AG along with other partner companies.

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Apprenticeship – image promotion, training and recruitment campaign

The apprentice training and recruitment campaign are important milestones in our personnel strategy. This is why in recent years we have invested 2.5 million euros in the expansion and modernization of our apprentice workshop. Over an area of 3,000 m2 featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure we train the skilled workers of the future in a total of 25 apprenticeship areas. The capacities are sufficient for a total of 230 apprentices – in the years ahead the stated aim is also to increase the number of apprentices.

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“Talents Austria” – preparation for working life

At the level of KTM AG, we support “Talents Austria” – a non-profit, politically independent association that offers first-year students an insight into exciting areas in a one-year, free program. Examples are workshops on public speaking or training in presentation techniques or individual mentoring. This means, as a sponsor, we are able to give students a good start to their professional lives.

Promoting women in STEM professions – inspiring women to choose technology

We are constantly implementing measures to promote women in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). One example of this is the Girls’ Day where once a year KTM AG invites girls who are interested to gain an insight into technical training at our company. In addition to receiving a guided tour of production, they can get involved themselves at various stations and machine key chains, work on engines, carry out measurements on electric panels or remove entire wheels, for example.

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