CROSS Industries AG terminates Perpetual Bond ISIN AT0000500913


• ordinary termination of the notes as of 7 February 2016

CROSS Industries AG announces, that the subordinated fix to floating rate 6.875% bonds without fixed term (ISIN AT0000500913), having an outstanding nominal value of EUR 1,010,000, will be terminated in its entirety and irrevocably pursuant to article 5.2 of the terms and conditions with adherence to its termination period. The termination will be effective as of 7 February 2016 (ordinary termination). The difference to the original nominal value of the issue of EUR 60,000,000 was repurchased and cancelled in the course of a tender offer in July 2015.

The termination notice will be published in the Official Gazzette (Amtsblatt) of Wiener Zeitung pursuant to article 13 of the terms and conditions on or around 3 December 2015.

In accordance with article 6.1 in connection with article 7.2 of the terms and conditions the redemption of the Notes will take place on Monday, 8 February 2016.

The redemption amount consists of the nominal value of the Notes plus interest accrued until 7 February 2016 (excluding).