Corporate News: Information to the share buyback programme 2014/2015


BRAIN FORCE HOLDING AG informs that information to its share buyback programme 2014/2015 will now be published on its new homepage and not any more on the former homepage

Disclosure according to § 5 para 4 Austrian Publication Regulation 2002: Amendments of the share buyback programme and transactions which are carried out within the share buyback programme pursuant to §§ 6 and 7 of the Austrian Publication Regulation 2002 shall continue to be publicly announced exclusively in the internet on the new homepage of the company under the section ‘”Investors” (subsection BRAIN FORCE Share-Share-Buyback-Program).

This publication does not constitute an offer to buy shares of BRAIN FORCE HOLDING AG. The Company is hereby in no way obliged to accept offers to purchase shares of BRAIN FORCE HOLDING AG.