CROSS Industries AG 2015 still on record course! All time high in revenues and profit

  • Revenues: 1,223.6 m€ / + 13% to previous year
  • EBIT: 112.9 m€ / + 21% to previous year
  • Increase of the number of employees: + 501 employees
  • Positive outlook for business year 2016

Revenues and earnings in the business year 2015

In the business year 2015 the CROSS Industries Group surpassed the one billion mark again and generated revenues in the amount of 1,223.6 m€ (+13%), after 1,086.3 in the previous year. EBIT increased to a new record level and amounted to 112.9 m€ (+21%), after 93.0 m€ in the previous year. The profit after taxes amounted to 65.0 m€ (+14%). In the business year 2015 the focus was again on the strategic development of the majority interests.

The group companies achieved the following revenues and operating earnings in the business year 2015 (in m€):

KTM AG1,022.595.1
Pankl Racing Systems AG173.610.2
WP AG144.69.7

Increase of the number of employees
: + 501 employees

The employee development within the group is very positive. In the business year 2015 additional 501 employees could be hired, thereof 446 in Austria. As of December 31, 2015 the number of employees amounted to 4,553.

Streamlining of the Group structure and conclusion of long-term financing

After the company’s streamlining of the Group structure, restructurings and after the successful merger of CROSS Industries AG with BF HOLDING AG in the business year 2015, CROSS Industries AG still continues to focus intensively on the automotive niche areas. In July 2015 the long-term financing was restructured and debt capital (with maturities between 5 and 10 years) in the amount of 86.5 m€ was raised. This liquidity mainly served to prematurely repurchase the perpetual bond in the amount of 59 m€, which had been classified as equity capital until the repayment of the bond.

Dividend payout

At the Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2016, the Management Board will propose the payment of a dividend of € 0.03 per share. With 225,386,742 shares entitled to dividend, this would result in a dividend payout of approx. 6.8 m€.

Positive outlook for the business year 2016 

In the business year 2016 the CROSS Industries Group further concentrates on organic growth in all core areas. Based on the current order situation, the Management expects a continuing positive development of the business performance.

Key figures

Earnings figures20142015Chg. in %
EBITDA marginin %13.6%14.6%
EBIT marginin %8.6%9.2%
Balance sheet figures31.12.201431.12.2015Chg. in %
Balance sheet totalm€1,031.11,177.614
Equity ratioin %36.0%32.8%
Net debtm€315.1387.423

From April 6, 2016 the annual financial report will be available on our website under the link