KTM Industries AG publishes annual financial report 2016

  • All time high in revenue and earnings in 2016
  • Revenue: 1,343.0 m€ / + 10% to previous year
  • EBIT: 122.3 m€ / + 8% to previous year
  • Proposed dividend payment in the amount of EUR 3 cents per share

Revenue and earnings in the financial year 2016

KTM Industries Group confirms the preliminary results for the financial year 2016, already published on January 27, 2017, with a record revenue in the amount of 1,343.0 m€ (+10%) after 1,223.6 m€ in the previous year. The EBIT improved to 122.3 m€ (+8%) after 112.9 m€ in the previous year. The earnings after taxes increased from 65.0 m€ to 89 m€ (+37%), which increased by 5.2 m€ compared to the preliminary figures of January 27, 2017. The annual financial report of KTM Industries AG is available from now on under the link: http://www.ktm-industries.com/index.php/en/reports

Maintaining the dividend policy, it will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of 3 cents per share is paid out for the financial year 2016.

In the business year under review all operational divisions could increase revenues as well as earnings.

With 203,423 sold motorcycles of the brands KTM and Husqvarna, KTM AG is again the number 1 in Europe (in terms of units) prior to BMW and Ducati and is also the fastest growing motorcycle brand worldwide. The export ratio is sustainably over 95%, whereby more than 50% are sold outside Europe.

Pankl Racing Systems AG could close the business year 2016 with record results due to a very strong fourth quarter. Especially the new Formula 1 regulations brought a further boost. It was particularly pleasing that in many areas noticeable productivity improvements were achieved and that those, in connection with the higher demand, led to over-proportional improvements in earnings.

In 2016 WP AG equipped a new set up and modern exhaust production on the location in Munderfing and thus completed the long-term modernization project. Through the realized closer connection to KTM AG in 2016, the further growth of the vehicle group is secured.


For the business year 2017 KTM Industries Group expects further organic growth in its core areas. Based on the current order situation, the Management assumes a continuing positive development of the business performance for the business year 2017. The investment volume will further increase in the business year 2017, whereby the focus is on new vehicle models as well as infrastructure and expansion investment in the field of development.

Key figures 2016 of KTM Industries Gruppe (consolidated)

Earnings figures20152016Chg. in %
Earnings after taxesm€65.089.037%
Earnings after minority interestsm€30.052.174%
EBITDA marginin %14.6%14.8%
EBIT marginin %9.2%9.1%
Balance sheet figuresDec. 31, 2015Dec. 31, 2016Chg. in %
Balance sheet totalm€1,175.91,391.818%
Equity ratioin %32.9%32.7%
Net debtm€387.4364.6-6%

About KTM Industries Group

The KTM Industries Group is a leading European vehicle group with a strategic focus on the global sports motorcycle segment and the automotive high tech components segment. With its worldwide renowned brands KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles, WP and Pankl the group is among the technology and market leaders. Within the group there is a high degree of technological network, which is, in this form, unique in Europe. Strategic partnerships at an operational level strengthen the competitiveness in our respective markets. All these factors are the basis for the high innovation level of KTM Industries Group and ensure the organic growth course sustainably