Announcement pursuant to § 93 para 1 Austrian Stock Exchange Act:Increase of voting rights


Pursuant to § 93 para 1 Austrian Stock Exchange Act, CROSS Industries AG hereby gives notice that the total number of voting rights amounts to 225,386,742 by the end of June 2015; the new share capital amounts to EUR 225,386,742. The increase of the voting rights results from the registration of the merger with the company register which is effective as of 2 June 2015. In the course of the merger, the share capital of the company has been increased from EUR 15,386,742 by EUR 210,000,000 to EUR 225,386,742 through issuance of 210,000,000 new shares. Currently, 225,386,742 no-par value shares (previously 15,386,742 no-par value shares) represent the company’s share capital.

The company currently holds 71,038 treasury shares in relation to which voting rights cannot be exercised.