The Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) has grown from four to 21 members

  • Swappable battery systems to promote sustainable, urban mobility
  • SBMC has been accepted as a formal liaison member to the CEN-CENELEC
  • SBMC Summit at KTM Motohall in July set the scene for further activities

Founded in September 2021 by KTM, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha, the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) has quickly grown to 21 members (and counting).

The mission of the SBMC is to accelerate the deployment of swappable battery systems by developing and promoting new common technical specifications towards global and open standardization. In its first six months, the consortium took essential steps at an incredible pace.

Its aim is to ensure full interoperability of swapping batteries to facilitate their application and boost sustainable mobility.

This is what emerged during the SBMC Summit held in July 2022, with 40 of its representatives convened at the KTM Motohall in Mattighofen (AT). This event was the perfect occasion to reflect on the progress made over the corsortium’s first semester of existence, and to set the scene for upcoming activities towards standardization.

The vision, strategy and operations of the consortium were established across its members, the committees and working groups. The consortium was equipped with the proper tools and instruments to fulfill its ambitions. The set of relevant technical specifications was agreed upon, and the SBMC’s work streams on prototyping and standardization were successfully kicked off. Strategic positions were also taken, among which are the acceptance of the SBMC as Formal Liaison Member to the CEN-CENELEC and membership in CEN-TC301 and CEN-CENELEC JTC-13.

The corsortium’s constructive approach has enabled it to overcome the technical challenges of developing interconnected and compatible systems. The SBMC is on track to achieve its goals as planned, and can now count on the best available expertise in the world to do so.

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Iris Perz, Head of Corporate Communication

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