Social responsibility

We assume social responsibility. This is because our actions have an impact on society and the environment – and this is where we want to help to create a positive future and play our part beyond our activities as a business. As a company that operates internationally and has more than 5,000 employees, and as a manufacturer of renowned two-wheeler brands for individual transport and motorsport, the voluntary social commitment of the PIERER Mobility Group is wide-ranging. We support and promote a wide range of initiatives and projects and are always on the lookout for new, meaningful partnerships – and this activity is firmly rooted in our CSR Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Environmental Social Governance responsibility as a company. Our focus is on health, sport, research and innovation, the environment, regionalism, education and training. We pay particular attention to programs designed to support children, young people and women.

Below you will find an excerpt of the projects and initiatives we support. A list of our most important memberships and cooperations can be find in the following PDF (162 KB).

The promotion of medicine, research and technical professions is of crucial importance to us here.


Spinal cord research – running for research

For many years now, KTM AG has been supporting the organization “Wings for Life”, a non-profit, state-recognized foundation for spinal cord research, which has set itself the goal of finding a cure for paraplegia. With the help of donations, promising research projects and clinical studies to heal the injured spinal cord are supported around the world. Supporting this organization is also a matter close to the hearts of many of our employees, and so they respond in large numbers to the annual call to participate in the “Wings for Life Run”. This is because every single kilometer represents one euro which is additionally donated by KTM AG for research.

Promoting women in STEM professions – inspiring women to choose technology

In order to promote women in STEM professions – i.e. in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – KTM AG has already implemented several measures, such as Girls’ Day or technical apprenticeships, which are constantly being expanded. For example, each year we invite girls who are interested to visit us in order to offer them an insight into technical training at our company. The aim here is to get more women interested in these areas of work. In addition to a guided tour of production, they can get involved themselves during Girls’ Day at a number of different stations by machining key chains, working on engines, carrying out measurements on electric panels or removing entire wheels. The stations are expertly supervised by our trainers. Fortunately, the number of girls in technical apprenticeships is steadily increasing, which is very important to KTM AG.

Vocational promotion – positively supporting the labor market

KTM AG is part of the regional advisory board at the Austrian AMS labor market service in Braunau, the public service company for job seekers. This is referred to as the AMS administrative body and consists of representatives of employees and employers as well as of the AMS. The aim of the advisory board is to decide on principles of labor market policy and to adopt measures to meet the current needs of the labor market. One area of key focus for us is to implement actions to counter the shortage of skilled workers. With this advisory board role, we as KTM AG or a group have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the difficult situation with skilled workers.

Cooperations – networking to tackle the shortage of skilled workers and support new areas of action

We cooperate on an ongoing basis with universities and technical colleges on topics such as sustainability and the shortage of skilled workers. The aim is to establish an open network to exchange experiences and get to know potential future employees. At the same time, we identify the areas in which action is needed and how measures can be implemented together. Specific examples of projects include cooperation with universities and colleges at job fairs, assignments to perform technical tasks and the awarding of internships and diploma theses. In addition, KTM AG also maintains various cooperative arrangements with Formula Student teams in the form of technical support and/or sponsorship in order to recruit the skilled workers of the future. A good example is our rookies event with Formula Student at which students had to solve technical tasks. In this way, we are able to bring young, innovative people on board and explore new areas of action, in environmental matters for example.

We focus on supporting the younger generation and their career prospects.


Apprenticeship – image promotion, training and recruitment campaign

As part of KTM AG’s commitment to z.l.ö. – zukunft.lehre.österreich we work with other partner companies to champion initiatives to promote the image of the apprenticeship over the long term. The aim is to add weight to the issue together – this will allow us to secure the future of Austria as a place to do business. In order to underline the attractiveness of apprenticeships as a form of training, media activities, image campaigns, events and further training measures are carried out. In this context, we have already invited numerous interested young people to an apprentice day at the KTM Motohall. The apprentice training and recruitment campaign are important milestones in our personnel strategy. This is why KTM AG is investing around 2.5 million euros in expanding the apprentice workshop. This creates the ideal conditions to further increase the number of apprentices we have and to offer new apprenticeship professions. As part of our apprentice recruitment drive, a total of 80 new apprentices started their training in September 2021, and the group is currently training around 200 apprentices in total. KTM AG’s actions in relation to apprenticeships are creating real prospects and jobs for young people.

“Talents Austria” – preparation for working life

As KTM AG, we support “Talents Austria” – a non-profit, politically independent association that offers first-year students an insight into exciting areas in a one-year, free program. Examples are workshops on rhetoric or training in presentation techniques or individual mentoring. This means KTM AG, as a sponsor, is able to give students a good start to their professional lives.

Recruitment – model in tune with potential skilled workers

KTM Technologies cooperates specifically with various colleges and universities on research projects or student research papers. This is because it has proven to be a successful model for getting students involved in the company at an early stage in the form of an internship or student placement. These students can then write their final theses (bachelor’s, master’s or diploma) in the course of, or following, the internships and have the prospect of being taken on as permanent employees. In this way, KTM Technologies establishes a connection with the skilled workers of the future while they are still studying and at the same time gives them the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge.

Student support – a win-win situation for students and companies

The Delta Academy, a program of the University of Leoben for promoting young executives, is also supported by KTM AG. This offers the graduates the opportunity to work closely with large Austrian companies and to gain professional experience in the respective project environment. The central idea is to promote the career prospects of 24 selected students each year by providing them with high-quality additional training during their studies and to open up a pool of potential future managers for companies. The program is aimed primarily at master’s and doctoral students as well as students at the end of their bachelor’s degree. The initiative was developed in close cooperation with experienced leaders and financed jointly with selected partner companies. This project creates a win-win situation for the students, the economy and therefore also for KTM AG – because not only is education advanced, but the labor market and business location are also supplied with high-potential workers.

It goes without saying that we support our immediate local area, from our employees and associations to the local communities.


Regional sustainability – from the company’s own childcare to compulsory school projects

In the context of its sustainable activity as a business, KTM AG works together closely with the surrounding communities of Mattighofen, Munderfing and Schalchen in particular. The aim is to promote the region and support our employees. For example, regional facilities are utilized for training courses and sessions or also our company’s own toddler groups in Mattighofen and Munderfing. We also work closely with the region’s compulsory schools. For example, we are a project partner and sponsor of the “Lego League”, which aims to get children and young people interested in technology. With these measures, KTM AG succeeds in creating a sense of togetherness, eases the burden on parents and shows its appreciation to the region.

School and club sponsorship – creating a positive local impact

An important aspect of KTM AG’s social activities are measures to support a wide range of different associations and clubs that have a positive impact on our society and our lives. We support them and also the many voluntary commitments of our employees by providing financial sponsorship or donations in kind. Examples include charitable institutions such as Caritas, the Red Cross, local associations such as the volunteer fire brigade, the police sports club or charity clubs such as the Lions, Verein One World Charity E.V. and many more. We are also happy to provide events such as proms and sporting events in the local area with prizes for raffles and the like, or support them by placing advertisements. This also allows remaining stocks of promotional items to be recycled in a sustainable way. KTM AG is well aware that associations, clubs and schools play a supporting role in our society and are also essential for the social life of the region.

Our primary focus is on children and young people and on providing them with a variety of inspiration for their future.


Innovation Lab – workshops for children and youngsters

At KTM AG, technology and innovation are always at the forefront. It is important to provide the young target audience with an understanding of the technical areas we cover. Learning the basics of electrical engineering and digital design in a playful way are the focus of the workshops that children and youngsters can attend in the ‘Innovation Lab’ in the KTM Motohall. A solid educational concept serves as a basis and guide for the workshop supervisors. “Learning by doing” is the motto here. All the attendees need to bring along is their creativity – they learn the rest in a playful way, e.g. by soldering or doodling. In design workshops, the youngsters are taught how 3D scanners and 3D printers work, they design their own motorcycles on the design board and then cut them out on the laser cutter. For KTM AG it is always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and creativity of the children and young people and thus actively help them to start exploring technology.

Motorcycle of the future – eEducation, digital education in focus

With its in-house Innovation Lab, KTM Motohall is also an industry partner of the eEducation Austria initiative, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. This educational facility for students was developed together with the Linz-based art, science and technology center ARS Electronica Solutions. The focus of the project concept called “Motorcycle of the Future” is the didactically meaningful use of digital media as well as boosting digital and IT skills (digi.komp) in Austrian classrooms. The common goal is digital education for all! In the workshops, children and youngsters aged 6-15 can playfully learn how to use the latest design and production processes and the associated tools. The “Motorcycle of the Future” project focuses on designing your own motorcycle of the future using 3-D printers and design software. Didactically prepared documents serve as a basis and guide for the workshop supervisors. KTM AG supports this initiative as it enables the young target audience to develop a curiosity for technical subjects and acquire expertise.

Youth development program – supporting young talent in sport

The past four YOUNG FIGHTERZ seasons have already demonstrated that KTM is committed to promoting young talent. This is about promoting the next generation of talent in motorsport. Austria’s young riders in the 85cc class are referred to as YOUNG FIGHTERZ. All riders, regardless of which make, or whether a license holder or amateur rider, are eligible to participate. Following the great success of the 85cc training camps in previous years, this training series was extended last year to include two camps for riders in the 65cc class, the MINI FIGHTERZ. Our training camps take place at venues that offer the best options for training and further development. The highlight is that local Enduro stars help the youngsters to develop their cross-country skills. KTM AG thus gives young talented riders the opportunity to share their experiences with heroes and role models from the national motorsport scene and get tips straight from the pros.

Austrian Junior Cup – giving young people sporting opportunities

Together with the ÖAMTC, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club, KTM AG is supporting the AJC Austrian Junior Cup 2021/22. Around 20 to 30 young people take part in this competition to promote young talent with the aim of becoming the best world championship riders. With this initiative, KTM AG is very keen to support talented Austrian youngsters and to give them a good foundation and opportunity in this sport.

With our commitment to these topics, we are actively helping to shape the future at various levels.


R&D, innovations – securing and creating jobs

Research and development is a cornerstone of KTM AG’s success as a company. As a high-tech manufacturer in the premium motorcycle segment, our progressive R&D strategy is not just designed to create new products and optimize existing ones. At the same time, it is essential that we recognize and pick up on trends in the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) segment at an early stage. This is the only way we can consistently expand our role as a technological pioneer and remain competitive. The research ratio is relatively high at around 8 – 9% (investments in 2021: EUR 131 million, of which around EUR 19 million was for alternative drive technologies). This means we, or rather the entire group, are in a position to drive forward the company’s success and, accordingly, to strengthen Upper Austria as a business location, as well as to secure and create jobs.

Environment – solutions for environmentally friendly mobility

In addition, KTM AG aims and aspires to market products that meet the latest environmental standards and are environmentally friendly, i.e. low in emissions and noise. The motorized two-wheeler, especially the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) range up to 11 kW of power, will increasingly shift toward electric drives. Electric mobility will become a major factor in the next few years, especially in urban regions. KTM AG and the entire group offers environmentally friendly solutions that strengthen the company’s leading position and therefore also support the labor market.

EMotion – lighthouse project for the mobility of all generations

As part of the lighthouse project EMotion – Electric Mobility in L-Category Vehicles for all Generations, a top-class consortium of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and KTM Technologies is developing an electrically powered two-wheeler of the L-category for the young (16-18 years) and older (50+) generation. This will be a low-cost, energy-efficient and comfortable alternative for daily commuting. The research team aims to design an innovative and user-friendly mobility solution on two wheels for use in urban areas, therefore contributing to a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions. As KTM Technologies and as a group, we are proud to be part of such a project for the future that will benefit us and the generations to come.

Footprint – Austria’s largest photovoltaic installation

We were able to take a further step toward a resource-saving future with one of Austria’s largest photovoltaic installations on the roof of the KTM AG logistics center in Munderfing. The electricity is fed into the public grid and enables broader use of renewable solar energy in the region. In the output stage, the installation will supply approximately 2,000 households. In addition to the photovoltaic installation on the logistics center and the House of Brands, the decision has been taken to also equip the new building of our second logistics center with a photovoltaic installation. With these and many other measures, KTM AG is reducing its footprint and providing the region with green electricity.

The environment, road safety and sustainability are the focus of these memberships and initiatives.


ACEM European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers – Future of Two-Wheeler

The ACEM European Association of Motorcycle Manufactures represents manufacturers of mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles (L-category vehicles) in Europe. PIERER Mobility CEO Stefan Pierer is Vice-President of ACEM. He was active as president of the organization until June 2022. Among other things, his presidency recently saw the launch of the project on the “Vision of the PTW Powered Two-Wheeler Sector” with a firm focus on carbon emissions, noise and urban mobility. The association’s members include around 18 manufacturing companies and just as many national industry associations. Around 400,000 jobs depend on this two-wheeler industry in Europe. This is why ACEM works closely with EU institutions and a wide range of stakeholders. The topics range from the European approval of L-category vehicles in relation to environmental legislation, road safety and transport policy through to international trade relations. ACEM also focuses on the environmental friendliness of two-wheelers and the promotion of sustainability by the motorcycle industry. For this reason, from the point of view of the entire group, it makes a significant contribution to driving forward regulatory activities and lobbying for the introduction of new environmental standards, such as the implementation of the Euro 5 exhaust gas regulation.

IV Federation of Upper Austrian Industry – responsibility for economic area

The IV Federation of Upper Austrian Industry (IV OÖ Industriellenvereinigung Oberösterreich) is a voluntary association that is not affiliated to any political party and represents the interests of industry and service providers linked to industry. PIERER Mobility CEO Stefan Pierer is Vice President. Around 450 companies of all sizes and from all sectors with about 150,000 employees have joined forces in the association. The goals and topics of this association are, for example, helping to shape education and the labor market, social and environmental policy, digitalization, research, innovation and technology. The group believes it has a responsibility to our society to help shape and support Upper Austria as a place to work and do business.

Arge2Rad – safely on the move while protecting the environment

Arge2Rad is the Austrian motorcycle industry association. Its role is to win people over and make motorcycling even more attractive – by making it easier and at the same time safer to access powered two-wheelers. The President of Arge2Rad is Hubert Trunkenpolz, Member of the Executive Board of KTM AG. Specific areas of focus for the association include stable market development of powered two-wheelers, a realistic reduction in CO2 and noise emissions as well as traffic regulations and road safety initiatives. In cooperation with a number of partners, among them the Austrian mobility clubs, driving schools, the Chamber of Commerce, media, police and various ministries, Arge2Rad has already been able to implement many measures, including with support from KTM AG.