Environmentally conscious production

Our key sustainability topics and current measures 

Efficiency in the use of materials (waste, recycling management)

As far as the development and production of its products are concerned, we always attach great importance to a sustainable handling of the resources used for the development and production process. By focusing on an fficient use of materials and the maximum possible utilization of raw materials, including their return into the
materials cycle, we prevent unnecessary waste of materials and ensure an adequate disposal of any waste produced.

Related measures include reprocessing and reusing motor oil, the use of reusable containers in logistics, and the cooperation with a certified specialist waste management company. GRI 301-1: Materials used by weight – Breakdown of materials in motorcycles, Packaging material used (pages 46-47 in the Sustainability Report 2020), GRI 306-3: Waste quantity

Energy efficiency

We strive to design our energy consumption as efficiently as possible. With improved production techniques we aim to optimize the energy input while we als realize saving potential at machines, building infrastructure, and via energy controlling. Energy from renewable sources shall be focused as it is already happening with the photovoltaic system providing our House of Brands with energy. GRI 302-1: Energy and water consumption, GRI 305: Scope 1-2

Local employment: responsible procurement

By implementing local procurement strategies, we aim to boost the economy of our region and generate lower transport costs and more environmentally friendly supply chains by having shorter transport distances. When awarding new projects, emphasis is also placed on supporting social enterprises since suitable projects are preferably awarded to inclusive businesses in the region. Purchasing volume per continent (series purchasing): Europe 86%, Asia 13% (incl. Turkey), America 1%. Purchasing volume in Europe (series purchasing)/Graphic.

The general conditions for cooperation with our supply partners are set out in standardized documents such as a non-disclosure agreement, purchasing conditions and manufacturing conditions. These include sociological as well as environmental criteria on items such as compliance, quality, manufacturing, product liability and shipping, among others. Download documents