Reliable employer

As one of the largest employers in Upper Austria, we have a special responsibility to our employees because – alongside globalization, innovation and our brands – they are one of the four pillars of our success. Our priority is therefore to support humane work, offer training and learning opportunities, nurture potential and guarantee health and safety.

Key figures for 2022
25.4 %

Proportion of female employees

< 10 %

Staff turnover rate in the Austrian companies


Lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)

Key topics and current measures

Employer attractiveness

As a modern employer, we are constantly taking measures to optimize the environment our employees work in. We pitch ourselves as an attractive employer offering exciting career opportunities and flexible working time models, we recruit key skilled workers and workers with great potential, and at the same time we retain existing employees in the company.

We make use of many channels to convey our spirit to those outside the company and in this way recruit interested parties to join us as new employees.

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Occupational safety and employee health

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. This is why we rely on extensive measures in the areas of prevention, promoting health and communication. In addition to technical expertise, we therefore also seek to maintain and strengthen the physical and mental health of our employees.

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Training and further education of employees

We want to attract highly skilled workers and retain them in our company as happy employees who hold valuable knowledge. We do this by providing internal career paths and offering further education and lifelong learning to support them. We are tackling the shortage of skilled workers through a comprehensive apprentice training program, and managers also receive special training on effective leadership.

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Diversity and equal opportunities

As an international group, we value the diversity that is reflected in the origin, culture, language, and ideas of our employees. We attach great importance to all employees being treated with fairness and respect and create a favorable working climate in which different world views, cultures, lifestyles, personal backgrounds and knowledge are accepted and encouraged. We combat discrimination and inequality and also demonstrate this with fair pay, uniform working standards and initiatives to promote diversity.

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Employee rights and working conditions

Fair and employee-friendly working conditions boost the commitment and satisfaction of our employees. We make sure we deliver appropriate remuneration, stable working relationships, appreciation and open communication. Maintaining employee rights such as freedom of association or organized wage negotiations (collective bargaining agreements) is an integral part of our obligation and responsibility.

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Health and safety: Work-related injuries (employees & temporary workers)
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