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Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct describes the principles and regulations which the PIERER Mobility Group uses to guide its commercial activity. The Code of Conduct is binding on all employees, managers and board members as well as on business partners, suppliers, customers and consultants of the PIERER Mobility Group:



Decarbonisation strategy for Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs) by 2050
As an ACEM member at the level of KTM AG, we strive to offer drive solutions that contribute to the decarbonisation of transport. We therefore share the ACEM strategy for decarbonisation, which is based on the goals of the European Green Deal and the Climate Change Act, as well as the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy of the European Commission. This strategy provides the guideline for us to work on the key ESG topics in the ESG area of sustainable mobility.

Supplier Management


Conditions of purchase; Packaging guidelines and specifications

Guideline for the SupplierAssurance platform

Sustainability assessment

The Code of Conduct of the PIERER Mobility Group also applies to suppliers. Every contractual partner that wants to do business with the PIERER Mobility Group must accept and comply with the ethical principles, general principles and minimum standards of the Code of Conduct (see above).