Reliable employer

Our key sustainability topics and current measures

Occupational safety and employee health

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority for us. By minimizing hazards with the “STOP principle” and providing specific trainings such as within the KTM Riders Academy as well as health promotion offers such as for ergonomics and burnout prevention, we strengthen our employees’ health. This is also a prerequisite for achieving professional performance and being able to deal with physical and mental stress. GRI 403-9: Health and safety

Training and further education of employees

Our employees are the fourth pillar of success alongside globalization, innovation, and brands in the company. High technical requirements and the shortage of skilled staff call for a good and proactive education and training strategy. A comprehensive apprentice training program, a web-based learning management system as well as various training programs online and offline reinforce our employees throughout their professional career and also contribute to employee retention. GRI 404-1: Training and further education

Fair pay and labor standards (diversity and equal treatment)

As an international Group we value diversity that is reflected in the origin, culture, language, and ideas of our employees. It is particularly important to us that all employees are treated with fairness and respect. By setting up measures for integration, flexible working arrangements, or supporting women in STEM professions, we create a working environment characterized by mutual trust in which people from diverse cultures and with different personal backgrounds are valued equally. GRI 405-1: Diversity; GRI 405-1: Executive Board and Supervisory Board

Our “Diversity and anti-discrimination policy” provides a global framework that defines how we want to encourage diversity within the group and how the PIERER Mobility Group prevents, recognizes and responds to all forms of discrimination and harassment.

The purpose of the report “Declaration on modern slavery and human trafficking” is to outline all the actions we, the entire PIERER Mobility Group, have taken and will take in the future to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within the group and the supply chain.

Local employment: jobs

In Upper Austria, we are one of the most important employers with a high share of local employees. We contribute to regional job security by putting in place a stable and continuous employment policy as well as attractive working conditions. GRI 102-8: Employees